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let’s recede from tears

24 September 2012

let’s recede
from tears

is in the jaw
behind silence
the silent gaze

sudden and fragile work
for never receding away
I would accept any suffering



24 September 2012

four thrown petals
four flown off stars

youth is light
put down on our nights

four thrown petals
four flown off stars

youth is tear
fallen on our never written notebooks

sleeping cat

22 September 2012

I disturb the sleeping cat
it pushes one meter
taking with him his sleep


22 September 2012

crowds refuse

clumsy reading

of a life that

anyway will betray us

Youth disfigured

22 September 2012

two photos
on the cover of two school notebooks
on a table
at the door of a church
too small that day

two smiling faces
other faces serious
dark outfits
as the words on the school notebooks

two coffins
at the end of path

youth disfigured

(in memory of William and Nicolas died at age 20 in a car accident)


23 December 2008

would the world be different
if little babies
were born bursting out laughing
and not shouting out?

decomposition of blue

20 November 2008

before the black
decomposition of blue

blue of fault
posthumous blue

imprisoned blood
stagnating in mud


metal hour

26 July 2008

the metal hour
with the beam of the winds

the morning seek
its papers


18 July 2008

black on shade
Beck sees it moved

this is not night
just a threshold
offered to the light

I live

6 July 2008

I live in a poem

at the end of the third stanza

on the left