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to tremble stars

31 January 2008

there will be only you
to make tremble stars
and invite me to write
what emotion orders

your love draws
my poems fortune
your eyes are enrhyming
in the reverse of my pictures

but I would like for you
any shade in your sleep
and that no sob comes
to extinguish my source of dream


26 January 2008

languishing under the clouds

do you see this sky
given in gift

and this breeze
for any melody


14 January 2008

torn night
dawn mask
morning lie


morning poem

14 January 2008

the winter laces

the dawn
undresses in the undergrowth

the drizzle
embroiders new hours

the poet
rummages in the light

Jean-Claude Caer (1952 – )

7 January 2008

I remember

a remote beach
the corns, the crested lapwings
my mother’s smile
only lies


3 January 2008

her song higher
her step in the staircase
and me I fall from my poem


3 January 2008


started again

to seek
one’s voice